A Day in the Life of ... Jason Mackenroy

Here goes my first attempt at writing an episode in the "A Day in the Life of ... " series. It has been interesting to try to put together a complete, self-contained story within the space of what might have been just a single chapter in a longer work.

The constraints really make a writer think - what details should be included, what kind of plot can fit into such-and-such a space, and, the inevitable question - how could it be concluded gracefully?

In this episode, we focus on a few things that may help to illustrate further a few things in the Starsiege Universe, namely that :

  • Spaceship construction happens on orbiting construction platforms.
  • Workers on these platforms use powered suits to get around to do their work.
  • The SK Fleet got built up years before the Cybrids came knocking on the door.
  • China seems to figure prominently in the affairs of the StormKeepers Organisation.
  • Retrenchment still happens a thousand years into the future.
  • Stratofighters have an important role to play in planetary orbit.
  • Politics is still an exceedingly strange business, as it always has been.
StormKeepers-specific details include the fact that :
  • [SK] Ramrod used to be a Commander, Air Group (CAG) in his younger days.
  • [SKI]'s receive training in all three vehicular types - Hercs, tanks and flyers.
  • All SK destroyers have names that start with "Pr".
  • The Darkstar Acolytes - with [DA] tags - have been mentioned.
  • The StratoStar can be abbreviated as S-Star.

Well, I hope that by bringing these details up, you may understand a little more on the points that have been brought forth in this story, and how they might expand the Starsiege Universe as we see it.

Hope you've enjoyed the story. More will be coming up in time. Your comments would be very helpful, and deeply appreciated - please send these to me at louie@stormkeepes.org.

Thanks for reading.

Low Ee Mien
[SK] Louie G3L
Fri 10 Sep 1999

P.S. Update - Mon 27 Sep 1999. Based on Wadmaasi's in-depth analysis of this story on the Starsiege Writers Guild forum, a number of corrections have been made. Thank you, Dan! -- Louie