Tales from the Front ... "Follow-Up"

As you can imagine, it can be very easy to write a Tale from the Front. Take your favorite HERCs (or tanks - or even flyers) - mix it with your favorite characters, have some fireworks here, some explosions there, and there you have - an action story.

On the other hand, it could be quite challenging. The plot, for instance. How it fits into the rest of the Starsiege Universe, how it relates to other squads operating, possibly, in the same time and region that your action may be taking place in.

Should I mention character development as well? In tales of great sound and fury, of massive engagements and rapid skirmishes, there could very well be little space left over for describing even the lead characters.

Now, I would not profess to have any answers. Only attempts to answer the questions, and what you see before you is only a first attempt.

Some new points have been raised in this story. For example:

  • Smart dust. Micro machines, approaching nanotech. Capable of a great many things. What you see here could just be called plain spying - but it's spying with a disastrous result - ahem - for the other side.

  • The SART's. Salvage And Recovery Teams. Their job on the battle field would be to bring back ejected pilots, and salvage weapons, parts and components from fallen HERCs, whether friendly ones, or from the enemy. You can imagine that it must be a terribly risky - or exciting if you look at it another way - task to do, with 60-, 70- and 90-ton HERCs roaming around.

  • The Human Predator. First brought up in the SK Chronicles Vol V where the storyline brings you through its history of development.

    I do hope that you have enjoyed the stories thus far.

    For a change of pace, you can read ShipShape. And, as mentioned earlier, you can find out more about the Human Predator in SK Chronicles Vol V.

    Your feedback on this story will be very much appreciated. You can send it to me at louie@stormkeepers.org.

    Thank you for reading.

    Low Ee Mien
    [SK] Louie G3L
    Fri 15 Oct 1999