Machinations of State ... "Dragon Dance"

This is my first attempt at political intrigue. In this story, though the StormKeepers have no political ambitions of their own, they have been forced into a peculiar situation that requires them to go behind the scenes and initiate certain far-reaching arrangements.

Frankly, I have had no idea how this would turn out. My first thoughts were to link together the brief mentions in my earlier story, ShipShape, where Jason Mackenroy remembers the furore in the OmniNews about the StormKeepers building their own warships, and how he heard about the StormKeepers again when he was retrenched from his job.

I also thought that this would be a good opportunity to explain the SK's connections to China (since Darkstorm HQ is located there), the origin of the StormKeepers Fleet, and a deeper look into the character of [SK] Phoenix. A cameo by a younger [SK] Coke (assuming that the baseline year for all my Starsiege stories is 2829) adds another dimension to what should have been a two-character story.

Well. I hope you've liked it.

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Low Ee Mien
[SK] Louie G3L
Fri 22 Oct 1999